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The Walking Stick Bug

Today while walking around a house in Gold Canyon, I noticed what I thought was stick, moving.  Turns out it was a “walking stick” bug!  This was exciting for me only because I hadn’t seen one of these guys since I was a little kid.  They are very cool insects!  I did some research on the internet and found out that they can range from about an inch in length to over a foot long, depending on the type.  They are able to camouflage themselves in bushes and trees because they look exactly like a twig, and this benefits them from being eaten by predators.  They only live for a short time, basically one season, and they eat at night, which may explain why I don’t run into more of them.  Females can reproduce on their own, but when they do this, the offspring will only be female.  These bugs also have the ability of regrowing new limbs if one is lost!  The quality isn’t the best, but I managed or snap a few shots of the critter.image image image

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