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Pigeon Removal & Bird Control

Bug Off Pest Control is a family owned and operated business specializing in bird control, pigeon control and complete removal of unwanted flying guests. Our methods for bird removal are very discrete, effective and humane to the environment.  We specialize in servicing all structures, residential and commercial clients with the very best results

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Pigeon Control & Removal Solutions

We take great pride in installing discrete and effective long-lasting bird control solutions such as:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Pigeon Control Netting
  • Bird Bounce Wire
  • Low Voltage Shock Systems
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals & Gels
  • Pigeon / Bird Trapping
  • Nest Removal & Pressure Washing

Pigeon Control PhoenixBird control and pigeon removal has little visual advantage if your pigeon deterrent systems are not installed by experts. Bird spikes, screening and other bird removal systems can create as much of an eye sore as the droppings or nests themselves and lower your home value or effect your business image. Do not settle for a subpar installation or solution! Bug Off Pest Control installs all of our bird control solutions very discretely to minimize any visual impact to your home or business. 

Hiring Bug Off Pest Control for your pigeon removal will get you the results you expect and in a timely manner. You will get peace of mind by removing some of the highest disease carrying birds in the state of Arizona! Avoid the continuous cleaning of bird poop, pigeon droppings and unsightly nests in a quick, effective and humane manner!

Pigeon & Pest Bird Facts

Pigeons are widely considered to be “pest birds” and are similar to rodents in diseases carried or damage that can be created to their nesting structures. If the pigeons nesting areas are not treated they may make your home, their home for quite a while since the average life span can reach up to 15 years. It is said that pigeons can carry up to 40 different parasites and over 60 types of diseases. Many of the diseases are transferable to humans and house pets. While unsightly, bird droppings are also extremely corrosive and can permanently damage vehicles, ventilation systems or cut a roofs lifespan by up to 50%. 

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