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Scorpion Removal & Control

Arizona Scorpion ControlBug Off Pest Controll will help you scorpion proof your home, business and structures. We are the scorpion control and extermination experts! Using the latest in technology and techniques we can remove the scorpions from your home, ensure your property is cleared and seal your structures so they never return! All of our sprays and techniques are 100% safe to your family and pets.

If you suspect that you may have a scorpion problem or just want to ensure they never invade your home – then call us today for a free scorpion inspection! Our family is dedicated to providing you with the best services in Arizona while providing special consideration to your family, pets and situations.

Arizona’s BEST Choice For Scorpion Control! 

    • 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
    • Family Owned & Operated.
    • Quick Service, Easy Scheduling & Emergency Services.
    • Custom  Scorpion Solutions For Individual Needs.
    • Family & Pet Safe Chemicals.
    • Preventative & Post Treatment Services
    • Long Term Effectiveness!
    • 30 Day Spray Guarantee!

General Scorpion Info & Scorpion Habits

Scorpions are deadly, scorpions are scary and anyone visiting or living in Arizona will inevitably come across one. There are approximately 1,500 different types of scorpions world wide, 90 in the United States and around 49 are found in the great state of Arizona (It is important to note that these scorpion numbers are changing as new scorpion species are still being discovered and some are even becoming extinct.).

Scorpions will enter your home, business and structures in pursuit of water and shelter. All Arizona scorpions have venom that is used to capture their pray. While being stung by any scorpion will cause severe pain and discomfort only one type of scorpion can be fatal to humans: The Arizona Bark Scorpion. While fatalities are rare to the average adult anyone with an underdeveloped immune system (children and elderly) or that has an allergic reaction to the sting will be at risk. If anyone is stung by the Arizona bark scorpion one should seem immediate medical attention.

Spraying For Scorpions: Did You Know…

Our scorpion sprays also eliminate other pesky bugs and insects that might be residing at your residence!

Call Bug Off Pest Control Today!

We offer a free scorpion inspection to asses your specific needs and come up with a custom solution that will deliver results. Helping numerous families and business in the Phoenix, East Valley and surrounding areas – Bug Off Pest Control is here for you!  

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