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Rodents: Some Do’s and Don’t's

I went to a regular customers home in San Tan Valley today, and they complained about having issues with mice in their garage. I explained to them that, by them leaving their garage door open often, it allows anything to get in. Their home is also located by a bunch of open fields, which is likely full of ground squirrels and field mice. To avoid getting rodents in your home there are a few recommendations that I would make:

1). Do not leave any doors open for an extended period of time. If you wish to leave doors open, it would be smart to have security screens or something along the lines of that, so nothing can scurry in when you aren’t looking. This goes for the garage door too. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a customer complain about a mouse in their garage, and most of the time, it’s a person that has made a habit of keeping their garage open.
2). I have countless customers that like to keep their city garbage cans in the garage, not only will this attract bugs, but rodents like trash as well! I would keep city garbage cans on a side yard.
3). I realize that the garage is a great place for storage. I wouldn’t recommend keeping lots of boxes in the garage because it could be an ideal place for a rodent to build a home.
4). ALWAYS make sure that shrubbery, trees, etc, is never in contact with your home or roofline. Having a branchy tree setting on the edge of your roof just makes a nice runway for rodents to gain access to your attic.

Now, this doesn’t cover EVERYTHING, but it gives some good ideas, and things to look out for!

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