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Holiday Precaution

Even though Bug Off Pest Control does not typically treat for bed bugs, I thought it would be an interesting thing to write about seeing as the holidays are here. Many people spend parts of their winter holidays traveling by airplane to visit family. It’s imperative to always take caution when traveling, always inspect luggage before you bring it into your home or a relatives. Also, always check the mattresses in your hotel rooms. Bed bugs are very much around, in all 50 states, as well as in foreign countries, and these are not nuisances that you would want in your home.

It’s possible for bed bugs to hitchhike on your luggage and move into your home, and normally you don’t notice them until they have rapidly reproduced and made your home, theirs. When staying at a hotel, always check the mattresses for bed bug activity, if you see any stains on the actual mattress resembling smeared coffee grounds, you might have a problem. Reading up online can help you get prepared for traveling and preventing bed bugs from using you as their own personal taxi!

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