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Gold Canyon Surprises

My parents have been living in Gold Canyon for close to 10 years. So when we moved out to that area, we had just come from Gilbert, where we weren’t really in the desert, and we didn’t have to really deal with the occasional surprise of a wild animal. Once we were moved into Gold Canyon, it was certainly an adjustment. I nearly screamed the first time I saw a crawling scorpion in my bedroom closet, and seeing a coyote walking down the street was totally absurd to me. We all quickly got used to the different things that go along with living in the desert. Well, for the most part at least.

The thing about living in the desert is that you kind of always have to be on your toes. I still don’t like walking around my parents barefoot because the thought of getting stung by a scorpion still scares the heck out of me, but I just make sure everywhere I walk is really well lit, and that I’m watching where I step. Of course my brother and I spray their house, and they haven’t had a scorpion in their house in years, but there is always a chance of one popping up!

The most recent situation that I can use as an example of why you always need to be on your toes happened just yesterday. I was done with my route, and I stopped at my mom and dad’s house to do some paperwork before I headed home. I was talking to my mom in their kitchen, and she stepped outside to their courtyard, to turn their fountain off. I heard her let out a pretty good scream, and I yelled to ask what happened…she stepped on a little snake, barefoot! Of course my instant reaction was to ask if she had gotten bit, which she hadn’t, and I went to look at the snake from the window. Turns out it was a little gopher snake, which is really no threat venom-wise, but obviously it still has the ability to bite, which can be painful.

Here is the snake, before he took off.

Here is the snake, before he took off.

I think the snake was just as scared of my mom, as she was of him, and after sticking around in the same place for about 10 minutes, the snake finally took off. Funny thing is, my mom ran into the same snake today, in a sticky trap in their garage, but with a little vegetable oil, she was able to release him.

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