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A Frequently Asked Question

We treat several houses for scorpions in the valley, and when we get a new customer, the most common question I get asked is “how often does my home need to be sprayed?” I always give an honest answer, and tell the new client that it’s something we will have to figure out after the first treatment.

What I’ve noticed is some people need to be sprayed monthly because scorpions thrive in the area where the persons home is located, and the pests aren’t going anywhere fast. There have been numerous cases where I’ve gone to spray a home that a person has just moved into, and after one treatment, they don’t seem to have an issue again. Homes that sit vacant for a while can be an ideal place for any bug to set up camp, and a one time spray can sometime eliminate the issue completely. However, that’s not always the case.

It also depends on a home owners comfort level, you can get sprayed bi-monthly or quarterly, and maybe encounter the occasional bug, and some people are fine with that. The majority of our customers use us every month, and those who don’t, usually use us every month during the warm season. Our goal is to provide great service, and as a small business we appreciate all the support we get from our customers.

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