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The Daddy Long Leg

Daddy long leg spiders, you may find one on your garage, home or patio, but do not be afraid. Like most spiders, this one is a non-aggressive spider, and will not come after you. Not only that, but it only carries a small amount of venom for their hunting. They typically kill and eat other insects, such as the fly and mosquito. They are basically helping you, by eating other

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Holiday Precaution

Even though Bug Off Pest Control does not typically treat for bed bugs, I thought it would be an interesting thing to write about seeing as the holidays are here. Many people spend parts of their winter holidays traveling by airplane to visit family. It’s imperative to always take caution when traveling, always inspect luggage before you bring it into your home or a relatives. Also, always check the mattresses

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The Walking Stick Bug

Today while walking around a house in Gold Canyon, I noticed what I thought was stick, moving.  Turns out it was a “walking stick” bug!  This was exciting for me only because I hadn’t seen one of these guys since I was a little kid.  They are very cool insects!  I did some research on the internet and found out that they can range from about an inch in length

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Grocery Store Culprits

Something to consider when bringing home items from the grocery store…grocery stores get bugs too! I’ve heard from different people about how they have found the occasional scorpion in a case of water that was just brought home, or maybe a spider. One kinda spooky thing I read about last week, spiders are being found in bunches of bananas and grapes. Black widows have been found in assorted bundles of

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving

I’ve been reading several things in the news about foods made with insects. There was an article about making alternative Thanksgiving meals, things like mealworms stuffing and cricket pumpkin pie. Now, this does not sound appealing to me whatsoever, but insect ingredients in food is gaining popularity. There have been many discussions about insect protein as opposed to animal protein, and how it would be a less pricy alternative to

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Termite pretreatments

Everyday more and more houses are built.  Some are pretreated for termites, and some aren’t.  A pretreatment is something that should definitely be considered when having a home built.  Basically, it’s a prevention method that typically comes with a warranty of some sort, and is an effective way to avoid getting termites for at least some time.  A pretreatment is where the soil is treated with termiticide before a house

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