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Rodents: Some Do’s and Don’t's

I went to a regular customers home in San Tan Valley today, and they complained about having issues with mice in their garage. I explained to them that, by them leaving their garage door open often, it allows anything to get in. Their home is also located by a bunch of open fields, which is likely full of ground squirrels and field mice. To avoid getting rodents in your home

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A Frequently Asked Question

We treat several houses for scorpions in the valley, and when we get a new customer, the most common question I get asked is “how often does my home need to be sprayed?” I always give an honest answer, and tell the new client that it’s something we will have to figure out after the first treatment. What I’ve noticed is some people need to be sprayed monthly because scorpions

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Gold Canyon Surprises

My parents have been living in Gold Canyon for close to 10 years. So when we moved out to that area, we had just come from Gilbert, where we weren’t really in the desert, and we didn’t have to really deal with the occasional surprise of a wild animal. Once we were moved into Gold Canyon, it was certainly an adjustment. I nearly screamed the first time I saw a

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Wild Arizona

For people that live in places like Gold Canyon, or other desert places such as Fountain Hills, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered the occasional coyote, or javelina. Probably even the random rattlesnakes, well, it is the desert, so it’s not abnormal to run into such wildlife. It’s always important to remember that these are “wild” animals, and are not anything a person should approach. For the people that walk

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Pest Control During Arizona Winter

The weather has been very fickle lately. It’s been pretty chilly in the mornings, and then followed up by warm afternoons. I’ve had some customers that usually skip pest control for a few months during winter, call for pest control treatments already because it seems the warm afternoons are rejuvenating all the little critters. It’s important to know that just because it’s the winter time, that doesn’t count for too

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Bugs in Food

Little black bugs were found in rice that was being served to elementary students at a school in New York last week. A student pointed it out to a school worker, and the hot food line was shut down. Many students had eaten the rice, and from the sounds of it, a lot of parents are upset. The school disposed of the bag of rice, and are taking extra precaution

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