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Arizona Pest Control

Thank you for visiting Arizona’s premier pest control company – Bug Off Pest Control, LLC.  We are a family owned and operated service company located in the East Valley and serving all of the Phoenix Metro area. Our goal is to provide our customers with cost effective pest barriers and prevention systems with 100% satisfaction for the services provided.

Bug Off Pest Control, LLC provides a system of mechanical barriers to prevent the entry of unwanted pests, such as crickets, roachs, rats, pigeons, mice, ants, spiders and scorpions. We install a mechanical pest barrier that works in harmony with regular pest control service to ultimately rid your home or business of unwanted “critters”.

We offer pest control service with monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly programs to both residential and commercial customers, as well as termite prevention and control services. We never require annual contracts. Each client is provided with a custom pest control plan tailored to your specific needs. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept checks, cash, Visa, Discover and Mastercard.

Learn more about Bug Off Pest Control by taking the time to browse our website. When you’re ready to get rid of your unwanted bugs, with the best possible customer service, give Bug Off Pest Control a call at 480-370-5075.

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Arizona Pest Control Coupon


Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control in Arizona is a serious matter! Bug Off Pest Control offers a complete residential protection package that is sure to leave your home, condo or townhome bug free. Our interior residential pest control service offers pinpoint accuracy in treating the direct areas where pests live and breed. This creates a maximum exposure for the bugs while keeping you, your family and pets perfectly safe.

Our residential pest control package continues by creating an outside barrier to make sure the Arizona bugs stay out. This includes the base of your home, clearing of areas pests will harbor, block walls and any cracks in which bugs might be hiding. Pets in your home aren’t an annoyance – they can be a danger to your family.We’re here to help. Feel free to read more information about our residential pest control solutions or get your FREE estimate by calling (480) 370-5075.

Commercial Pest Control

Bug Off Pest Control is committed to protecting your business – we offer a complete business protection package. Our specialized service for businesses offers a customized integrated pest management service backed with a comprehensive protection plan. Our pest control services will eliminate pests and prevent them from returning. We will ensure that you maintain a great impression on your customers and keep your workforce at ease. Utilizing the best equipment, tools, materials and personal we will cater to your business.

Appointments can be scheduled during off-peak hours, coordinated for multiple locations and treatments can be tailored to fit any regulations your business must comply with. Please click here to read more about our commercial pest control services or call (480) 370-5075 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Realtor Pest Control

As a realtor you are preparing to showcase a property to the real estate market. Bug Off Pest Control is here to assist you with the best pest control services available. During this process the seller, buyer and even the lender will require a report determining the presence or absence of termites. We will be able to provide you with a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report with the highest level of priority. If treatment needs to be applied to the property we can do affordably and quickly so there is no delay in the transaction.

We can also assist in the presentation of the property with our weed control program and cleaning through our sister company Bug Off Landscaping. Click here to read more information about our real estate pest control or call (480) 370-5075 to schedule an appointment.

Scorpion Removal & Control

Arizona Scorpions enter homes and structures in pursuit of water and shelter. We offer a targeted scorpion pest control service and scorpion control treatment program. Our scorpion removal program is tailored specifically to fit your scorpion activity requirements. Keeping scorpions out of your home and away from your family is what Bug Off Pest Controll is trained and equipped to do. If you suspect you have a problem or just want to safe guard yourself against these intruders, call us today at (480) 370-5075 for your FREE SCORPION INSPECTION! Our superior scorpion control program can protect you, your family and your home!

Pigeon Removal & Bird Control

Pigeons seek refuge from the Arizona sun by dwelling on rooftops (both commercial and residential). Arizona pigeon droppings deface buildings, kill vegetation, are aesthetically displeasing and cause serious health concerns. Millions of dollars in damage occur every year to buildings, roofs, automobiles, ventilation systems, machinery and more by pest birds.

Pigeons and other birds are similar to rodents in terms of disease and damage. They can harbor over 40 different parasites and can host over sixty types of infectious diseases. Bug Off Pest Control is your Arizona solution for a true, and complete, pigeon removal solution. We will also exterminate all the parasites and thoroughly disinfect the area they were occupying to ensure your family stays safe. Click here to read more information about our pigeon removal and control options or call (480) 370-5075 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Termite Services

Bug Off Pest Control offers several different solutions for termite prevention and termite treatment for both residential and commercial properties. Since every structure and situation is unique, it is important to provide treatment options tailored to each individual situation. Attention to your foundation and the soil around it is critical for every termite control situation. Applying liquid treatments in and around the foundation and creating a secure barrier is important for long-term termite success.

For both our termite prevention and termite treatments we also offer excellent warranty coverage to ensure that foundation barriers remain effective and that no other termite colonies have appeared. With our ongoing commitment to service and peace of mind provided by our warranties, you can expect a termite-free property. Feel free to read more information on our termite services or call (480) 370-5075 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Rodent Removal & Control

Each year rodents in Arizona cause millions of dollars in damage either by eating, gnawing or contamination in a variety of ways. Wherever there is even a limited amount of food, water, and shelter, rodents will find a way to survive in your home or business. Rodents can access buildings and structures through very small spaces and can go largely undetected. This provides the opportunity to create comfortable nesting spots, breed and quickly populate – multiplying the issues in a short time.

Bug Off Pest Control are your experts in rodent removal and control. Our superior rodent extermination and pest control programs have been protecting homes and businesses in the Phoenix Metro area with 100% satisfaction from our clients. Contact us today at (480) 370-5075 to schedule a FREE rodent consultation. We are here to help.

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  • I just cannot say enough good things about Bug Off Pest Control. Corey, Tim and everyone else at the company are generous, honest, reliable, and professional. Corey came straight over, assessed my problems and gave my house a straight forward solution! I am now bug free! Thanks guys!

    Lindsay G., Gilbert Home Owner

  • Keeping our business bug free is one of our top priorities. Corey and the guys at Bug Off Pest Control are the only ones we trust with complete confidence! With their easy to set scheduling and invoicing I never have to think about calling them. The job just gets done, the bugs are never around and I couldn't be happier.

    Cliff C., Gilbert Small Business

  • Bug Off Pest Control is are our go-to solution for all tenant and general property treatments. Corey, and everyone at the company, is absolutely perfect to work worth and we have every confidence in their abilities. We have even used their 24 hour emergency service. Thank you Bug Off Pest Control!.

    Alexis E., Mesa Apartment Manager

  • After pricing options with several companies I decided to use Bug Off Pest Control. I prefer to use local, small businesses and the price is better than those "big guys". Personalized service, very friendly and FAST results. They have a great guarantee that kept me confidence in the final results. Great work from this company!

    Patrick S., East Valley Developer